About us

We are a legal certified company as Horus Herbal Company established in 2002. We have a previous business with most countries and we started exporting to neighboring countries and localities so that we gained their trust and we occupy a great position in these countries and without competitors in this field. And then we have expanded from different aspects across countries and continents and we are now one of the largest companies in the world in this area. Our company has started small and has become great and we have become pioneers in the world of herbs. We are always striving for excellence.
Work of Horus Herbs for imports and exports in the field of agriculture, and our mission is always to meet the needs of the market of organic crops such as herbs, spices, seeds, honey, fruits and vegetables
We have long experience in this trade because of our presence in some countries in the region, as well as the quality assurance system, and we invite you to discover our experience.
It also has a strong presence at the local level as well as the customer base and network marketing on a large scale all over the world and the company issued Horus Herbs spices and agricultural products from Organic Farms to Asia, Africa, America, Australia and Europe.